Stained by Blood – A Murder Investigation

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Stained by Blood is the true story (although the names have been changed to protect the innocent, guilty and the dead) of Private Investigator Douglas J. Hagmann’s intense investigation into the cold-case murder of his uncle. Using the character Marc Stiles, Hagmann takes you on a behind-the-scenes journey where the homicide becomes secondary to an underworld of satanic ritual abuse, child abduction, and even mind control experimentation that few know exist.
“It was my first revelation into the world being investigated by Russ Dizdar, and a world identified and discussed by Steve Quayle long ago—three decades before I knew of either,” stated Hagmann. “I only wish I knew then what I know now.”

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Private Investigator Marc Stiles has taken on a cold case murder investigation at the request of the victim’s family. His own family. The case could not be more personal for Marc, whose uncle was found brutally stabbed in a frenzied killing that took place in the very home of Marc’s youth, and in the very bedroom where Marc had fostered memories of a warm, safe and happy childhood as he grew from a toddler through adolescence.

It was in the darkness of the early morning hours on April 28, 1982 when Marc’s uncle fought violently for his life as his killer stabbed him repeatedly and mercilessly mo­­re than three dozen times. It was a classic overkill that left a morbid scene of death that rivaled the most gruesome of murders.

For five years, a brutal killer remained on the loose, free to kill again. ­As Marc quickly learned, his uncle’s killer was the least of the threats he faced in a case filled with the unexpected. From the moment he accepted this assignment on the fifth anniversary of the murder to its unexpected conclusion, Marc struggled to navigate a maze of bizarre twists and untangle a web of deeply hidden secrets kept by some of the most powerful and influential people in his community and beyond.

Through Stained by Blood, you will accompany Marc on a journey of an underworld that few know exist and fewer still refuse to discuss. It is a world that has been dismissed as conspiracy by those anxious to keep its secrets hidden. As you join Marc on his journey through danger, denials and deceptions, look around you, for you might never look at your city, town or its people the same ever again.

Doug Hagmann Introduces "Stained by Blood"