The Backstory

Given my profession in emergency medical services, it was not the first crime scene I had seen, but it certainly was my most memorable and one of the most bloodiest. The crime was committed in the bedroom in which I had grown from a toddler to a teenager. It was in my family home, the one and only home where I had so many good memories as a child.

Like a typical teenager of my era, I moved from my home immediately following my senior year of high school. As an only child, my parents had an empty nest, which they seemingly enjoyed. In fact, they moved their bedroom into my room, turning their old room into a guest bedroom.

On a crisp fall morning the year after my departure, I stopped home to surprise my 55 year-old mother. I intended to take her to breakfast that morning as my father went directly from his full-time third shift job to his part-time second job. It was on that Saturday morning that I found my mother dead in her bed, having quietly passed away during the night from a sudden and unexpected heart attack. Finding her lifeless body was heartbreaking, as was breaking the news to my father. I remember that day like it happened yesterday.

After a few years of absence and healing, my father opened his home to his younger brother, who was unmarried and living alone as well. Having opposing work schedules, they shared a nice home and the expenses, making it a perfect fit for both. My father graciously gave my uncle his room, my former bedroom, to my uncle and reclaimed his former room as his own. Life was good again, or at least tolerable, as my father at least has the comfort of having someone else in the house.

All of that changed again on a clear, crisp Wednesday morning in late April, 1982. It was on that morning that the course of my life, and all memories of a happy childhood in my former bedroom and family home, were completely and permanently erased. Like a computer hard drive, they were overwritten with a sickly and grizzly scene of death. On that Wednesday morning, responding to a frantic call from my father, I stood in my childhood bedroom looking upon a scene of unspeakable horror.

Arriving before the police and emergency medical services, my eyes were cast yet again upon another lifeless body in that room. Unlike the passing of my mother, my uncle did not die serenely. He suffered over three dozen stab wounds, including several defensive wounds. Blood was spattered on the ceiling, every wall, lampshade, curtain and piece of furniture. His lifeless body laid contorted on his bed. There was horror in his eyes, depicting the unimaginable horror of his last moments on earth. My father and my family were devastated.

Despite ample forensic evidence, a science still in its infancy, his brutal and frenzied murder went unsolved for 5 years. During that time, I became licensed as a private investigator, partnered with an established company in my town. We eventually accepted the cold-case from my family. An arrest was made months later.

During our investigation, however, the homicide itself gradually became secondary to revelations that I did not understand at the time. Information began to emerge that this was much more than a “simple” homicide. What began as a cold-case investigation of my uncle’s murder took an unexpected turn, opening an entirely different world to me personally and professionally.

I suddenly found myself on a path to the unimaginable. A “yellow brick road” into the realm of the satanic, where nightmares are separated from reality by only a thin veil. A world where powerful people were, and still are engaged in satanic ritual abuse, abductions, animal and human sacrifices. It was my “up-close-and-personal” introduction into mind control experiments conducted at the hands of the perverse and powerful. I failed to understand it at the time.

This is my story, as Marc Stiles, of how I came to learn that there are forces of darkness that exist just beyond a very thin veil at the farthest edge of our periphery, that separates good and evil. These forces are real, and the fact that you might not believe it does not disprove their existence. I believe, in fact, that such forces are actually counting on your disbelief so they can continue their deeds unmolested.

It is a world that consists of  unthinkable and unspeakable evil and sinister forces of seduction working behind the scenes to influence people, including the most powerful and popular among us, from community leaders to entertainers. These forces of evil have the power to move not only people but entire nations, and they are exponentially increasing with each passing day. These undercurrents of evil are pervasive and the deceptions used by these forces are many.

Today, perhaps, you might only sense them. Soon, I suspect, you will see and perhaps experience them.